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4 Ways you can Cure your Heel Pain

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A lot of people experience continuous heel pain that can affect the quality of life. People usually experience pain after standing, sitting or sleeping due to an inflammation that causes discomfort in the heels. If you suffer from continuous tightness and pain then you need to find ways to deal with the pain.

Taking painkillers can alleviate the pain. But a lot of people are not comfortable about taking medications for long periods of time. Here are some 4 natural ways that can help you deal with heel pain. However, whilst you work on your heel pain you can buy dihydrocodeine online from many pharmacies.

Improve your Posture:

Slouching while walking or sitting can put a lot of pressure on your lower back muscles. As the muscles get inflamed, the pain and discomfort will travel down your legs until it reaches your heels. Improving your posture will make you look taller, slimmer, and will reduce the pain.

Standing properly fixes the hip imbalance that might put some pressure on one side of your body. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes and always remember to push your shoulders back.


Although your pain is present in the heel area, it could be related to tightness or inflammation in other muscles. Your heel pain could be due to sciatica that is caused by an inflammation in the sciatic nerve. Sitting down for long periods of time will increase the inflammation and the pain will travel down until it reaches your heels.

Stand up and walk around to alleviate the pressure. You can also place your foot on a stool or a low table and try to stretch your hamstrings as much as you can. If you have been carrying a lot of weights or exercising heavily, your leg muscles might be injured. The injury can cause knots that keep the muscles in a contracted state. Stretching prevents muscle tightening and will help you feel more comfortable.

Try Massaging:

Massaging your heels relieves the pressure off the muscles and nerves which can cause heel pain. You can use your fingers to massage your heel or you can use a foam roller. Shifting your weight to the foam roller will help relieve the muscle tension.

You should also try to massage your calves and hamstrings as tightness and pain will travel to your heels. Make sure that you visit a professional therapist to apply the adequate pressure. Improper massaging of injured muscles can cause more pain and discomfort.

Use a Frozen Golf Ball:

According to Keep Moving Care, a frozen golf ball can be a great remedy especially if you suffer from an inflammation in the plantar fasciitis. The ball will stretch your muscles comfortably so you are able to shift your weight. This reduces the pressure on the injured muscles.

Freezing a ball can alleviate the pain. Cold temperatures tend to numb the pain making you more comfortable.
These natural ways will help you manage your pain. They don’t have any side effects and can be repeated in the comfort of your home. Give them a try and see how the pain improves.

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